Best Video Game-Based Comic Books

One of the easiest ways to get an idea for a movie is to take an existing video game and turn it into one. We have seen our fair share of video-game movie adaptations throughout the years, even though it isn’t that popular.

But what if we change the medium? What if we use comic books instead? As with movies, there have been a bunch of comic book adaptations of popular video games. We have to say that it works a lot better this way. Why? Well, it is similar to Why Nigeria must embrace sports betting despite problems – even though it sounds difficult to create at the beginning, it has a satisfying result!

Let’s explore some video game-based comic books that were able to continue to lore and capture the essence of the original video game.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat is one of the most beloved video game franchises in the world. The 2015 incarnation that rebooted the series and gave it a new life was important for the franchise as a whole. But the comic book version did an even better job to introduce us to the events that transpired in the Mortal Kombat X game.

The story in the comic book follows Kotal Khan as he tries to hold on to power and fight the Outworld forces. But the story does well to tackle all the issues that lead us into the main story of the game. It also reintroduces some of the old characters quite well. And let’s not forget, all the gore, the blood and fighting sequences are still there.

Last of Us: American Dreams

The Last of Us is an award-winning video game and will probably be somewhere in the top of the best video games you have played. What the game does so well is leaving a lot of questions unanswered, and it is okay as it adds to the mystery element of it. One such question is the past of protagonists Joel and Ellie and their life before the outbreak occurred.

The comic book Last Of Us: American Dream, released by Dark Horse, follows the story of Ellie’s past. She was raised in a military school that was used to make soldiers fight the infected. So much is answered in this one and we get an insight into many decisions that Ellie takes in the game.

Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice

Left 4 Dead is an all-action, co-op, first-person shooter game. It gained immense popularity as you join a team of survivors and fend off hoards of zombies that are trying to attack you until you reach the safe zone. One of the characters that gained the most prominence the Vietnam War veteran Bill and fans were outraged when he was canonically killed off.

But the comic book Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice gives credit where credit is due. It follows all the survivors who try to escape a military outpost which is overrun by zombies. Bill takes the ultimate sacrifice to help save the others as he is killed by zombies. A proper send-off that a character like Bill deserves.

The Witcher

You might think that after several games released and a Netflix series there are no more stories to tell about Geralt of Rivia. You are wrong. The Dark Horse series of released books offers more of the Witcher with the best ones being “Fox Children” and “Curse of Crows.”

Author: Eren