The Role of Technology Changed Comic Books

While there are some more noticeable effects regarding technology influencing things that were previously “offline” (what first comes to mind is work – we’re either on Teams or on Meet, and secondly, even casinos are now online, which nowadays have promotions similar to the ones we can see on and hope to one day stumble upon in English), there are some industries in which this is not so easy to notice. Has the role of technology changed the way we view comic books? Have you started to notice the change everything is created today? If you are an avid comic book fan, you have probably been seeing the changes in the looks of the comic books.

The pictures that we hold in front of us a much crisper and look sharper.

But is this what we truly want?

Does this technological element add or takes something away from enjoying comic books?

The Process of Creating a Comic Book

In the past, creating a comic book was a joint venture between a couple of people. The storyteller or the writer was the person that started it all. The design was left to the penciler who would then draw the comic. The next stages were left to the inker and the colorist if the comic was in color that is. Finally, the letterer would input the words. In modern times the role of an editor was added who will check if everything is fine. Finally, after everyone is done with their work, we have ourselves a comic.

But with the introduction of technology, the roles have shifted a bit. It is easier for some while it gets harder for the others.

The Modern Way of Doing Things

With the introduction of modern technology, the drawing process has changed. Drawers don’t have to use pencils or ink anymore. They only need a computer and pieces of equipment so they can draw the characters they want.

However, some illustrators still stick to the old way of doing things and think it more natural. If you draw everything with a computer it might take something away from the design. The human eye is not used to completely computerized images so it will be noticeable and unappealing for some.

But the job of a colorist is now complexly done using computers. One does not need to buy paint and brushes, you only need good hardware to complete your work. Of course, there are still people who like doing things the old-fashioned way like Alex Ross. But he too mixes things up and illustrates everything by combining methods.

The only roles that have not changed are the writer and the editor. They still complete the same role and type of work as they did before.

Finally, the letterer is not going to input everything by hand anymore. A computer program greatly helps to diminish the work. But this has also taken away the importance of being a letterer as this type of work becomes digitalized.

Is Technology Making Comics Better?

One might say that there are certain improvements when it comes it introducing technology to art. I am calling it art because comic books should be considered as pieces of art. The creation process is much faster and we are getting some beautifully illustrated comics books nowadays. Also, there are more of them as it does not take so much time to create one as in the old days.

However, there are certain takeaways. Some say that an entirely created comic book does not have a soul. When you start doing things the easier way you start losing the love of creating something.

Many artists are still holding on to their roots today and see that taking shortcuts is not going to breed success.

Author: Eren