5 Richest Characters in DC Comics

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to be a superhero? Or how much money do villains have to spend when making plans for conquering the world?

Both of those things don’t come cheap. Designing the super-suit alone probably costs a fortune, plus all the gadgets. And don’t get me started on the electricity bill on the super lair.

To answer your question we have comprised a list of the richest characters in DC comics.

5. Green Arrow ($7 billion)

Oliver Queen may have inherited Queen Industries but he uses his wealth to help the people of Star City. In a world filled with God-like entities, Green Arrow fights all of them with only a bow and a few trick arrows. It is not as easy as it seems, but he can certainly hold his own with them.

Oliver Queen has brought himself and his skills to substantial levels and has managed to use his enormous wealth to better not only himself but all the people around him.

4. Ozymandias ($7 billion)

Before Adrian Veidt became Ozymandias he inherited his family fortune. He then gave all of it away and earned an even bigger fortune on his own. Due to his enormous level of intellect, he was able to earn more money than he inherited. It is also what leads him to gain the title of being the world’s smartest man.

The unfortunate thing is killing around 3 million people with a space squid, but nobody is perfect.

3. Lex Luthor ($75 billion)

Lex Luthor may be a supervillain and the arch enemy of Superman, but you can’t deny his integrity. Lex is a self-made man and has earned his fortune to hard labor. But the way he is using it doesn’t always lead to good things. He may be a philanthropist and has invested a lot of his money in charities and foundations, but there is the other side of the coin.

Lutrhor also uses his fortune to amass power and influence and is constantly looking for ways of defeating Superman. Oh, and we forgot to mention that he also successfully funded his presidential campaign that way. 

2. Batman ($80 billion)

The second place belongs to nonother than the Dark Knight, aka Batman, aka Bruce Wayne. Bruce inherited his fortune when his parents were gunned down in an ally. Wayne Foundations allows him to make Gotham a safer and better place by using his fortune to develop healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, etc.

But at night, Bruce uses his hard-earned cash to invest in a plethora of bat gadgets, bat vehicles, bat technology to again make Gotham a safer place by dressing up as a big scary bat.

1. Aquaman ($150 trillion)

You probably didn’t expect Aquaman to top the list of our richest DC characters. But if you think long and hard about it you would see that it completely makes sense. Arthur Curry is the king of Atlantis and with that crown goes the ownership of the seven seas. So technically, whatever is found there belongs to him.

Thus all the oil, diamonds and gold found in the oceans is his belongings. Since water encompasses 70% of our planet it is hard to correctly estimate his complete worth.

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