The Curse of Collecting Comics – A Hobby or a Means to Earn Money?

Hobbies are really important. They simply make us more interesting people and give us more topics to talk about with people, whether that’s about finding a new site such as that has great information on sports betting, or about a new movie you have watched recently. Collecting comics, is one of those hobbies many people enjoy, but is it a curse or a blessing? On one side, you have the satisfaction of gathering all stories of your favorite characters in one place. While the other scope of the spectrum includes earning a lot of cash by selling comics.

With the rise in prominence of popular comic book characters in the mainstream culture due to all the shows and movies we are getting it has reignited the flame of collecting comic books for many.

Finding them all and gathering them all in one place is a collector’s dream. But where do we draw the line between collecting them and selling them for profit? For some people, the line is pretty clear while it is blurred for others.

Investing in Comics

Investing in comics is an entirely new term that has been coined in recent times. You would think that people invest in real-estate or something more valuable. But many have seen the opportunity of investing their money in limited edition comic books that they can sell for a lot of money later on.

Some feel that this is a dirty business. The true comic book lovers see this as a traitorous move. You don’t sell comics you keep them in your collection and take care of them.

But with the immense popularity of comic book characters in our culture, today has given added value to some first edition comic books that people are looking for. It makes it really hard to hold on to your favorite comic book when you know that selling it will give you a cash-injection that you wouldn’t dream of.

The Delight of Comic Book Collecting

When you are young you get drawn to the pretty pictures that you see in comic books. You start with one and you soon realize that there are more, a ton more. More pretty pictures with glorious title pages and out of this world stories.

As you start reading a few of them you start to realize that the pictures aren’t everything. There is a story about this thing. A good one!

You are hooked!

From there on your life will start to revolve around gathering as many of them as you can. Your collection will only get bigger and bigger, but at least you are happy.

This is what every real comic book fan goes though and most of them do not think of selling any of them.


There is no doubt that comic books have made it in the mainstream. But only the old-school fans still see the delight in collecting them. The new ones are mainly there for profit. Somewhere along the way, the message has been lost in translation and comics don’t mean as much as they used to. 

Author: Eren