The Position of Comic Books in the Digital Age

Thanks to technology, we are now able to do so many things using just our smartphones – we can chat with people whenever we want, find out any information we need, and even place online bets using Meridianbet promo code. As we can see, many things got even better with the digital age, but what about comic books? Well, all comic book fans will be happy to hear that comic books are now in their latest stage of development. Actually, some would call it evolution. As the digital age is upon us and is developing ever so slightly, digital comic books are also becoming a thing.

With the rising popularity of graphics novels and comic books everywhere, mainly brought forth by the newest Marvel and DC movies, newer fans like to see more of the action on the pages than your typical still pictures.

So what can we expect from the comic book industry in the future?

The Digital Age

Comic book sales have been skyrocketing in recent times. The comic book industry was able to rack up a whopping revenue of over $800 million during the last year. It is a staggering number and most of it is due to the rising force of new fans who are getting into comic books lately.

However, the newer fans are not really that much into collecting books. They simply like to read them. And why would one buy an entire bookcase filled with comic books when you can download all of them on your portable device and read it anywhere you go.

This is probably the biggest advantage of the digital age. Most new and younger comic book fans don’t by physical versions of comic books. They prefer to read them from their tablets or phones.

Are Real Comic Book Sales Affected?

The sales of real physical versions of comic books are being affected. But new issues are still being printed and released in the same way they have been as before. The traditional format is not going to die out any time soon. However, the digital one is starting to take over slowly.

The biggest comic book publishers like Marvel and DC have started to offer digital versions of their comic books through subscriptions. A lot of fans are catching on and are buying into this format.

But, your typical comic book collectors are not giving up. It takes something special to create a comic book. There are multiple people involved in the entire process and it certainly takes more time than with other mediums. Collectors see the time and effort put into creating it and they prefer having an edition that they can touch and hold.

That is why the sales of special and limited editions are still going strong. Real fans know what they want and see the worth of having them.

Is Digital Age Killing Comics Books?

The digital age is definitely not killing comic books. It is actually making them even more popular than they ever were. What it is doing to them is killing the soul of a comic book. Creating and having one was seen as something special while now it is being simply downloaded into a format that is soulless to many.

We agree that the digital age is not hurting the popularity but the romantic side of the comic book industry is blurred and many people don’t see it anymore.

Author: Eren