The Real Reasons Behind Shelving the Gambit Movie

It was finally decided that the story of Remy LeBeau, or Gambit as the fans prefer calling him, is not going to be made into a standalone movie. Ever since the famed X-Men character made his first live-action appearance in Wolverine: Origins, fans have been pining to see the New Orleans native, playing card thrower in a movie of its own. After all, we all want more of what we find interesting; be that a movie about our favorite hero, more mangas made into the anime or even more offers like the Online casino offers. Unfortunately, like with the Gambit movie, we don’t always get to see these wishes come to life.

Yes, we will never get to see the Gambit movie, unless Disney decides to do something about it.

Gambit the Movie

After Taylor Kitsch’s performance of Gambit, fans were yearning to see how the character will fare on its own. Fox had a slate of movies lined for their X-Men characters and was ready to release one by one. They even got a star like Channing Tatum playing Gambit, which really got the fans excited.

But somewhere along with the line things started going bad. Eventually, they turned for the worst. The movie was constantly moved, shifted, delayed, rewritten, and all kinds of other things. After Disney brought the X-Men characters back to Marvel, the movie was simply taken off the slate.

The Reason

Many people thought that the real reason was the failure of the X-Men franchise, run to the ground by Fox. The last movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix was what drove the nail into the coffin of Fox’s X-Men franchise. So it is more than apparent that Disney decided to off this project as they are not expecting to lose money off a failed franchise.

However, they still decided to keep the New Mutants, as the movie was almost finished. They are going to keep it even with all the delays and rewrites it had. The only one staying intact is the Deadpool characters that Marvel is somehow trying to weave into the story.

The Real Reason

But the real reason behind delaying and eventually canceling the Gambit movie is still Fox’s fault. Director Rupert Wyatt recently revealed that it was the unsuccessful launch of the Fantastic Four which ruined Gambit’s chances of getting made.

After the failure of the Fantastic Four reboot, the budget for the Gambit movie was significantly slashed. It basically cut all the possibilities of the movie ever being made.

Is Marvel Doing Something About it?

Since all the rights to Gambit character, along with the entirety of X-Men and the Fantastic Four, are now back with Marvel, there are still hopes of the character somehow being added into the story of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel is definitely not going to go for the idea of releasing standalone movies for X-Men characters as Fox tried. They are most likely going to start their own X-Men franchise and introduce it into the main Marvel storyline that we have now.

However, this is not something that is going to happen overnight. Kevin Feige has already stated that both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are their priority. But they are taking things slow and want to include them in a logical way. There are already a bunch of speculations on how they are going to do that but if we know Marvel they already have a certain plan but are keeping their cards close to their chest.

As for the character of Gambit, nothing has been stated yet. But chances are that we are going to see him as a part of the X-Men rooster when they appear in the MCU.

Author: Eren