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The Position of Comic Books in the Digital Age

Comic books are now in their latest stage of development. Actually, some would call it evolution. As the digital age…

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Surprising Anime/Manga Adaptations That You didn’t Know About

Most of us see Manga and Anime as the primary Japanese export. And for the better part you are right….

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The Curse of Collecting Comics – A Hobby or a Means to Earn Money?

Collecting comics, is it a curse or a blessing? On one side, you have the satisfaction of gathering all stories…

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Manga that Simply Need Anime Adaptations in 2020

There is no better time than the present to enjoy Anime. The previous year was great with regard to the…

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The Real Reasons Behind Shelving the Gambit Movie

It was finally decided that the story of Remy LeBeau, or Gambit as the fans prefer calling him, is not…

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Best Places To Read Comics Books for Free

Collecting and reading comic books is a genuine hobby that comic book fans find fascinating. But the problem starts when…

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The Numbers Behind Your Favorite Anime

How many times have you witnessed your favorite Anime show get canceled for no apparent reason? You have probably heard…